Finding That Perfect Domain Name

For small businesses in just about any industry, the overriding goals are essentially the same: profitability, customer satisfaction and growth. One of the essentials required in meeting those goals is to have an effective online presence.

While it can be easy to overlook, a business’s domain name can make all the difference in the world.

In this article, we’ll share a few tips for deciding upon the perfect domain name for driving customers to your business’s site.

Domain Name and Website Aren’t the Same Thing

A good analogy is to think of your domain name as your license tag. It provides the identification for your site and makes it available to be found by others on the Internet. It needs to be registered before it can be used.

In addition to being typed into the web address bar to find your business’s site, the domain name can – and should – be used in just about every form of marketing you employ. From promotional emails to promotional swag, your domain name should be shouted from the mountain tops.

Your business’s actual website is where all the files and content are stored so that customers and other visitors can access your services.

Good Rules to Follow When Selecting a Domain Name

  1. Go for the earworm effect.
    In other words, make your domain name one that is easy to remember. Doing so in turn makes it less likely that visitors to your site will not have to Google your business when they want to return; rather, they’ll know the name by heart.
  2. Keep it simple so that it’s hard to misspell.
    You may be surprised to learn that there are tons of sites out there with common misspellings. Their goal is quite simple: to lure unsuspecting visitors to click on a piece of malware or other harmful bit of code.
  3. Go with a .com address.
    If you find that the name you’ve selected has already been registered, it can be mighty tempting to go with a .biz or .org extension just to keep that cool name. Keep in mind that most people will type .com to their entry just out of habit.
  4. Avoid the hyphens.
    Nothing good can come from a hyphenated domain name, mainly because people will often forget where the hyphen goes or even that a hyphen is required.
  5. Keep it short.
    Keeping your domain name short makes it much more likely that people looking for your site will actually find it.

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