Getting The Most From Your Domain Name

The importance of your business domain name cannot be understated. In essence, the domain name is the first impression of your business by potential customers. Once you settle on a domain name you’re comfortable with, though, it should not be limited merely to your business’s website address.

In this issue, the business technology experts with Caldiatech will share ways you can utilize your domain name across different platforms for maximum impact.

How do I decide on a domain name?

We’ve written before how your domain name is essentially your license tag that provides the identification for your site and makes it available to be found by others on the internet.

To help with finding the perfect name, try to:

  • Select one that is easy for users to type
  • Makes sense in terms of what your business offers
  • Keep it short, so that the likelihood of misspelling the name is reduced
  • Research it to make sure it isn’t already trademarked
  • Do your best to select a domain name that is easy to remember

How else can I use my domain name?

There are a number of ways to brand your domain name.

  • Set-up a business email with your domain name in it. Rather than using a Yahoo or Gmail email address for your business, a branded email address can instill a level of trust with potential customers.
  • Use your domain name on your social media platforms. The URLs that are automatically generated on social media platforms are typically very long and difficult to remember. By changing the social media address to coincide with your domain name – a process known as web forwarding or redirecting – your social media presence is far easier to remember.
  • Include your domain name on every piece of collateral material associated with your business. This includes business cards, email signatures, brochures, uniforms, etc.

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