Getting the Most From Your SEO

In a previous blog entry, we talked about how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can give small and medium sized business a serious competitive business edge.

In that article, we emphasized how finding your business’s site after entering specific search phrases provide you with an incredible opportunity to secure new leads.

With this article, we’ll continue the conversation by focusing on the some of the best ways to keep your SEO current, thus continuing to bait the hook for your customers.

How and Why SEO Needs to Change

Just like everything else with technology, SEO is constantly changing. For example, Google is forever making algorithm changes, which greatly affects search returns. Their goal is fairly straight forward: to give the most relevant returns for any given search phrase.

Because of their constant tweaking, no SEO strategy is going to win without fresh content, a robust branding strategy and continuous reevaluation from your business.

Steps for Building a Better SEO Strategy

  1. Continuously try to improve the user experience.

Your business website should always be looked upon as a work in progress. Always look at your site from the perspective of the customer, and look for ways to improve the overall experience. The more user-friendly your site it, the higher the likelihood your potential customers will continue to interact with you on your own turf.

  1. Know how your search returns are currently working.

Make it a habit to continually Google your business, keeping track of which keywords work best. This allows you to have an ongoing effort to monitor the effectiveness of any particular campaigns you have going on, and being able to tweak and adjust on the fly.

  1. Optimize your page for mobile devices.

This one is an obvious, but it needs to be said. So many more of your customers are reading their news on smartphones and tablets, so it’s crucial that your content is easily read from those platforms. Making sure that Google can correctly understand your site’s content on a mobile app is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

  1. Try to use as many unique images as possible on your site.

Stock images aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you use an image that appears in hundreds of sites throughout the Internet, you’re risking having your returns seriously watered down. While it’s necessary at times to use stock photos, any time you can use unique photography – do it. It will definitely pay off in the long run.

Let the Experts at Caldiatech Craft Your SEO Strategy

We’re huge fans of entrepreneurs and business owners, and realize that you may not be able to justify having someone on staff solely devoted to SEO strategy. That’s why we’re here: to make sure this crucial component of your marketing strategy is not left to chance.

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