How Does SharePoint Integrate With Office 365?

Office 365 is the newest evolution of the wildly popular Microsoft Office suite of word- and document-processing software to hit the shelves or, in this case, the airwaves.  Office 365’s claim to fame is that it is entirely web-based, making it much more convenient for sharing between remote points.  SharePoint integrates with Office 365 to create a streamlined way of sharing information over long distances or between large numbers of people in almost limitless configurations.

SharePoint Online offers the features of SharePoint without the overhead of managing any infrastructure.  All any of your employees need is a laptop or handheld device and they can access everything in the SharePoint system remotely, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other documents now thanks to Office 365.  The new Office software also includes web apps, Exchange and Lync as part of the 365 package of software.  All of these apps and programs are integrated to work together and maximize productivity.

One of the greatest features of the SharePoint/Office 365 integration is its cross-device capabilities.  SharePoint presents information in the form of a newsfeed which is smart-phone- and tablet-friendly, allowing users on the go to access information at any time and anywhere they happen to be.  The mobile apps available with SharePoint and Office 365 allow users to instantly download workaround solutions to mobility issues and quickly.

The best feature about SharePoint and Office 365, however, is ease of setup and use.  There is no huge learning curve with this software.  Most users find that a few minutes allows them to grasp the major points of using the software because it is intuitively designed.  All content and features are easy to locate, and the automatic maintenance of servers provided with the subscription allows owners to stop worrying about continual backups.  Backups are made instantly at the highest level and trickle down to users, so you do not have to worry if you have the latest version of the software.  Technical support is available at all times, as well.

Integrating Office 365 and SharePoint in a cloud-based system is an easy and cost-effective way to be sure you are utilizing your sharing software to its greatest potential.  By allowing your users to access Office 365 and SharePoint from anywhere, you are exponentially expanding your workers’ capabilities and your own ability to get your projects finished anytime and anywhere you happen to be!