How To Flirt Successfully With Google

Flirting is an art form.  It is not something that is done successfully by bludgeoning someone with attention.  Similarly, flirting successfully with Google is often a matter of subtlety rather than brute force.  According to experts, when you find that your website rankings are not what you wish, you must fine-tune your approach to the search engine giant to ensure that you are worthy of attention.

The Role of SEO Marketers

Unlike other types of web marketing, SEO is centered on teasing results out of Google using a variety of methods.  Successful SEO depends on being the type of website that Google (or Bing, or Yahoo) wants to rank.  This means fine-tuning the approach taken by the website to interact with the search engine as well as the appeal a site has for visitors, drawing them in and making them want to interact with the product or service offered.

The Important Change in Google

Like a person, Google has “grown up” in some respects.  In the early days of SEO, Google could only see the superficial characteristics of a website–its keywords, its tags, its links.  Now, like a human being who has matured and sees beyond the exterior of a person to the “inner beauty,” Google has started to focus on user experience rather than just keywords.  This means that in order to attract the newer, more mature Google, websites have to offer more than just flashy keyword strategies.  They also have to live up to the level of quality content the search engine now demands.

How Do I Create Quality Content?

Because Google’s algorithms are far more sophisticated now than they ever have been before, it is easier to produce quality content in some respects.  For example, Google now recognizes synonyms, so it is easy to write content that is not stuffed with unnatural keyword phrases.

On the other hand, creating quality content is harder than ever because Google focuses much more on user experience than on other metrics.  Therefore, it is up to content writers and designers to create things people want to read and items that draw their interest, not simply to convey information in a cold and clinical manner.

Fortunately, it is possible for law firms and other clients to build strong websites that attract Google with a subtle wink and a nod–and produce website traffic results that will please the clients.