Identify Your Own Online Community

An online community is a group of users who have something in common. Hopefully, your online community will be composed of users who all want something that you have: products, services or information. How do you identify your own special online community and build it through the use of social media and other methods?

In order to build the right online community, it is important to first answer a few questions, such as:

  • Who are you and what do you want to build? Before you get started building a online community, it is important to identify your own goals. What do you hope to accomplish by using social media? Of course you want to increase your profits, but what else are you hoping to do? Do you want to build a community of friends and loyal customers? Do you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field? Be sure you understand your goals thoroughly, as these will inform your social media decisions.
  • Are you too focused on numbers? Simply having tons of followers or “likes” will not help you reach your goals if you are not using those numbers in the right way. Do you know who makes up those numbers? Are you targeting all possible demographics with your posts? Are you allowing your members a chance to interact with you and with each other?
  • Are you clear on your business goals? Building your social media community does not happen in a vacuum. You must have clear business goals so that you know if your social media interactions are bringing you the growth you want. Ultimately, social media is about bringing your brand to the attention of the people you want to see it so that you can increase your bottom line.
  • Do you have the seeds to start the right social network? Remember that how you start your social network will probably have a great deal to do with how successfully it grows. Do some research to be sure that you have the right tools to start your network successfully.

Answering these questions can help you determine the best way to identify and grow your online community successfully. It is important to build your community at the right pace by choosing the right people and the right methods of reaching them for maximum benefit and ROI. Start today answering these questions and working to build your own special online community!