Inbound Marketing and Content Assets: How To Make Your Pages Count

The most important thing you can have on your web pages from a marketing standpoint is good content.  You should view your content as an asset, a marketing tool that you use to draw visitors to your website and convert them into loyal supporters of your brand, product or service.  Too many businesses think of web pages as objects that exist esoterically outside of the flow of day-to-day work, but actually your content is just as much of a real, concrete asset as your building, your computer or your bank account.

Content Is King–For a Reason

If you focus your marketing efforts on creating the right content, you maximize your advertising dollars.  The right content not only draws visitors to your business but converts them from browsers to buyers.  It also helps you build a reputation as an expert in your field, especially if you are in a service industry such as the legal field.

As you create content, you should have a single, unifying vision that drives the entire page or website in an identifiable direction.  Every piece of content should support and enhance this message.  When this happens, you are on your way to building content assets that will serve you well for years to come.

What Is Good Content?

“Good” content is hard to define, since it depends to a certain extent on the nature of the business.  However, there are some constants of good content that do not change, no matter what type of business you have:

  • Originality.  Your content should be original in order to be valuable.  Why should someone visit your website if he or she can get the same information somewhere else?  Be original and you will always be valuable.
  • Coherence.  Your content should be accurate and timely.  It should speak to your readers in short, easy-to-understand pieces that fit logically together.
  • Utility.  Your content should, ultimately, be useful.  A blog on your feelings about things may be an interesting read but may not be useful to your customers or clients.  On the other hand, a blog that lists important facts about your business or tips and tricks for handling difficult situations in your field can be invaluable.

Creating good content is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile.  With the right content, you can set yourself up as an authority in your field and draw others to your website.