Integrate SharePoint and OneNote for Better Performance

When you host your OneNote notebooks on your SharePoint document library, you gain two important advantages: the ability to arrange and organize the notebooks in one location and the flexibility of controlling access to them.

How Can I Host My OneNote Notebooks on SharePoint?

It is usually best to give the responsibility for placing OneNote notebooks on SharePoint and controlling access to one person to avoid confusion. Once you have determined who will be responsible for this job that person can do several things with SharePoint:

  • Create a OneNote Document Library. You may have notebooks on the topics of budget, inventory, planning and other subjects. They may be scattered throughout your company’s database, so having a central place to store them, such as a OneNote Document Library, is often a good idea. You can create this type of library from the “Site Actions” dropdown menu.
  • Manage permissions for a OneNote Document Library. Once your library has been created, you can control access for the entire library through the “Library” tab under the “Library Tools” heading. It is important to check “Stop Inheriting Permissions” so that the permissions set for the entire site are not applied to this particular library. Those who have permission can add new OneNote notebooks or publish existing notebooks to the library.
  • Manage permissions for individual notebooks in a OneNote Document Library. Besides setting global permissions for the entire library, you can also set various permission levels for individual notebooks inside the library.

How Can I Utilize the Permissions Factor To Increase Efficiency?

Permissions allow you to truly individualize your notebooks and make them accessible to certain people, form groups and generally manage workload and resources. Having an effective plan for notebook access is important, because you can then funnel work to the right groups and individuals as well as insure that these people have access to the resources they need to complete their jobs.

One of the best features of SharePoint is its flexibility. The ability to manage OneNote notebook access is a good example of this flexibility and how SharePoint can be individualized to serve almost any need. Whether your company is large or small, SharePoint is the best way to manage your time, money, resources and work loads most efficiently. With SharePoint, you are in control of every aspect of your business and your workforce.