Lack Confidence About Your Business’s Online Presence? You’re Not Alone

If you’re not confident about your business’s overall online presence, you’re not alone. A new report written by the CEO of says that only 54% of small business owners feel “very confident” about their online efforts.

In this issue, we’ll talk about the report, and how partnering with experts like Caldiatech can boost your confidence level about your own business’s online marketing efforts.

The Study at a Glance CEO David Brown teamed with David Ricketts, chief innovation officer for the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University, to interview a host of small business owners with e-commerce sites.

Finding from those interviews include:

  • 42% do not use a robust website and social media to market their business
  • 23% still use their personal social media identification to conduct business
  • 16% are on social media but do not use a website for their business

Quite a few of the respondents said they faced challenges in using social media, including:

  • Worrying about risks to their business’s reputation
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of upkeep required
  • Not knowing how social media can benefit their business
  • Not knowing how to set up accounts on social media channels

“How To” Worries & Concerns About Social Media and Web Presence Not New

The concerns expressed by the business owners in the survey are definitely not new. In fact, many of those concerns are the same we often hear when we talk with business owners.

Technology is radically changing the way commerce is done. Keeping up with the seemingly constant changes while still carrying out the day-to-day duties of running a business can definitely be overwhelming – especially when you consider the fact that business brand reputations can indeed be shattered very quickly.

That’s why it makes sense to partner with a managed service provider that can take those worries and concerns away. A good service provider will help your business with:

  • Social media platform optimization
  • Engaging social media posts that trigger engagement with your business
  • Analytics about your online presence
  • Geo-location targeting for your messages

Partner With the Professionals at Caldiatech

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