Learn Why Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Can Seriously Affect Your Business

If your site is not mobile friendly, you had better make plans to fix that, and you’d better do it quick. Act as if the success of your business depends upon going mobile-friendly since it actually does.

That’s because Google is on the verge of flipping the script in terms of website indexing. Rather than indexing desktop versions of sites, Google is about to go with mobile-first indexing.

What does all this mean? How can mobile-first indexing affect your business? We’ll explain all of that in this issue.

What is mobile-first indexing?

Up until now, Google would scan, sort and rank (index) sites based upon the complete desktop version. This would affect the content of your site that would return in online searches.

However, because web traffic initiated on mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) surpassed desktop traffic in 2016, Google announced that same year they would being indexing sites based upon their mobile versions.

Why is Google going with mobile-first indexing?

It’s all about user experience. When a user searches online using their mobile device and has a negative experience with a site that’s not optimized for mobile use, they are far more likely to never return to that site.

How will mobile-first indexing affect my business?

According to recent research, about 80% of respondents confirmed they had made at least one purchase using their mobile device last year. The alarming part is that 71% of the respondents said that concerns about mobile security and usability issues convinced them to refrain from spending more.

Since Google will be going with mobile-first indexing, rankings for your site (how high up on the search listing your business name appears) can be greatly affected – and not in a good way. Google has such sway in the way online business is done because 8 in 10 online experiences start on a search engine.

For mobile-first index help in Boise, call Caldiatech.

If you have separate mobile and desktop versions of your site that require updated changes, your site is most likely not as mobile responsive as it should be. Waiting until potential customers abandon your site in droves because their experience was bad or they never found you in their search definitely does not make good business sense.

The Caldiatech professionals will work with you to make sure the mobile version of your site is optimized so that all necessary content will be returned in search results.

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