Learn From the Social Media Blunders of Others

On social media, brand reputations can be made and destroyed before you blink. That’s another reason why it’s crucial to partner with a social media management provider.

In this issue, with a bit of help from CNBC, we’ll take a look at some important lessons that were learned because of social media blunders by some pretty big brands.

  • Never try to incorporate a tragedy in a social media post.
    Food maker Epicurious decided to tweet a couple of breakfast recipes just a few hours after the April 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon. One tweet read, “Boston, our hearts are with you. Here’s a bowl of breakfast energy we could all use to start today.”

Complaints flooded in and the company posted an apology.

Wrapping a message around a tragedy – no matter how heartfelt the message may be – will most likely be seen as an opportunity to capitalize on disaster. It’s never a good idea.

  • Stay away from social media if you’re feeling emotional.
    Many fans of the television show “Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares” think that the episode with Amy’s Baking Company is one of the show’s best…mainly because the restaurant profiled was among the worst. Seriously, the owners experienced an over-the-top meltdown during the episode.

When people began leaving troll-like messages on their business Facebook page, the owners fired back with personal insults of their own and threats of legal action. They would later claim that their social media accounts had been hacked, but hardly anyone was buying that excuse.

  • Don’t leave your business tweeting to bots.
    In 2012, Progressive Insurance was receiving a bit of heat for the way they handled a 2010 accident. As people sent the company a barrage of angry tweets, they were met with a scripted message from their spokeswoman, Flo.

While technology is a wonderful thing, sometimes it just makes more sense to have humans in charge.

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Social media has drastically changed the way we communicate as a society. However, what may seem as a completely innocent message or strategy can be drastically out of touch with the mood of the populace…and that can hurt your business in a big way.

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