A Look Back At The Year With SharePoint

In a recent review of a year with SharePoint, CMS Wire offered the analogy of the program being like Rocky Balboa: easy to dismiss but hard to keep down. The developments in SharePoint’s technology will keep it going strong throughout 2015 for businesses of all sizes.

For the coming year, it is important to think about the various SharePoint programs and utilities that are being developed and determine how they may be able to help your business in 2015. Here is a brief look at some of the upcoming developments or questions surrounding SharePoint in the New Year:

  • Delve allows you to dig deeper into the hierarchies and relationships that exist across your work spectrum. This program creates displays that are based on information about who you work with and what each person is assigned to do. Powered by Office Graph, Delve makes it much easier to configure and customize work interfaces.
  • With recent headlines about information security, it is no wonder that offices everywhere are looking for a safe way to communicate. Yammer is providing this much better than Facebook or Google, which have a habit of cross-referencing what you search for at work as well as at home. Further, Yammer is contextually relevant, giving workers a way to communicate about work without having to add in other aspects of their lives.
  • Should I Go To The Cloud? If you are not ready to make the leap to cloud-based software, SharePoint still allows good on-premises computing. Further, many features of SharePoint are only available on-site and not online. However, look for SharePoint’s online feature sets to become more robust as the year progresses.
  • Using Apps Successfully. In some ways, SharePoint’s app development may determine the future of the program. Apps simply offer greater flexibility than standalone programs and can be upgraded nearly instantly as opposed to buying new systems. However, apps also require a commitment by IT to regular upgrades, so SharePoint’s future development will be along these lines.

Those businesses that want to implement SharePoint have options. Whether they decide to go with cloud-based SharePoint or the on-premises version, SharePoint has much to offer any business. With attention to every aspect of business communication and storage, SharePoint will allow businesses and their employees to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, no matter how they implement the program.