Make Sure You’re Not Doing This on Social Media

If you’re running your business’s social media activity, chances are good that you already know there is a huge difference between doing that and sharing news from your personal accounts.

Whether you prefer Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – or all three – there are definitely things you should avoid while growing your online community. In this article, we’ll discuss a few.

Don’t Forget the Plan!

Just like every other component of your marketing, your social media efforts for your business will fall flat if you don’t do your homework.

A good place to start is to define your audience. As you do that, jot down their profiles by gender, age, interests, profession, etc. Now, based on who your audience is and what they like, you’re in a much better position to crystallize your message.

The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

If you lie on social media about your business, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be found out – hurting not only your reputation but your brand.

Don’t Vomit on Your Audience With Content

Don’t update your profiles simply for the sake of updating them. Keep the content fresh. Spamming on social media is a bit difficult to define but some good examples include:

  • Posting the same updates over and over
  • Making unsolicited and unwelcomed sales pitches
  • Continuing to send private messages even after being told to discontinue

Stay on the High Road

Going after your competitors online is a huge no-no in business circles. Stay professional and don’t give in to the temptation to vent or air your grievances in public for the world to see.

Know the TMI Rule

It’s encouraged to add a bit of personality to your updates, but there a fine line between engaging with your audience and sharing too much. If you wouldn’t want your most important client to see a message, don’t post it.

For Social Media Expertise, Caldiatech Has You Covered

Navigating the social media landscape can be confusing and intimidating. That’s why it’s a good idea to leverage the expertise of professionals in the field.

To talk about your business’s social media plan, get in touch with us here at Caldiatech. Our number is 800-728-1441 or you can reach us by email.