Making Sure Your SEO Strategies Are Current

A recent Caldiatech blog shared search engine optimization (SEO) trends that had been noticed at the half-way mark of 2016. The overriding point was that SEO practices – like just about every other technology-related tool – is forever in a state of flux.

With this entry, we’re going to touch on a few SEO techniques that have overstayed their welcome yet are still being used by many businesses and organizations.

Continuing to rely on such methods may actually be doing more harm than good as they can affect your business’s page rank status and leave you well behind your competitors.

  1. Keeping duplicate content on your site.
    Duplicate information can easily happen in various ways, such as copying product descriptions that come straight from the manufacturer. The goal is to have unique and original content on each of your pages.Things like duplicated content, overreliance upon quotes or comments from other websites and syndicated content can all result in a lower ranking for your site.
  2. Going crazy with keywords.
    Keywords are indeed the backbone of SEO strategies. But if you’re stuffing your content with as many keywords as humanly possible, search engines will get wise and ding your ranking.The trick is to use keywords in a natural way so they don’t disrupt reading of your content.
  3. Utilizing poor-quality guest-written posts.
    Saving money and time are two of the most popular reasons to post guest-written material on your site. Be selective when soliciting content from others.

Make sure they adhere to established quality standards, like a set word count, the right amount of links you’d like to include, etc.

It’s also key to use services like Copyscape, which can be critical to ensuring the content is original and unique.

Leverage the Expertise of the Pros at Caldiatech to Make Sure Your SEO is Done Right

As a business owner, you’ve got plenty on your mind. To stay at the cutting edge of SEO techniques, you don’t have to stay up all night reading the latest tech blogs.

Partnering with Caldiatech ensures that your business’s SEO strategies are comprehensive and bring you the most bang for your buck.

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