Making the Most of Sponsorship Opportunities

Does your law firm or company sponsor charitable efforts, a local sports team or some other group?  If so, you may be missing out on a huge marketing opportunity if you do not share this information with others.  People like to do business with someone who supports the same things they support, so sharing your sponsorships socially is a great marketing tool that helps you identify and target those who support the same groups, projects or causes that you do.

Increase Engagement With Potential Clients

“Engagement” is a term that has been lifted to describe a complex relationship that exists with a lot of people you do not yet know.  Engagement, simply put, is the act of getting the attention of those out on the Internet who might have some common bond with you.  These are not necessarily current clients but those who fit a particular profile and who stand a good chance of being interested in your service.

For example, a blog on DUI law might have the effect of engaging those who have suddenly found themselves or a family member confronted with a DUI charge.  This type of engagement is particularly effective because your blog posts can be searchable for years to come, offering engagement with a group of people that may not need these services until far into the future.

Ways of Showing Support for Sponsored Events

If you sponsor a charitable event or any group, be sure to ask for the group’s endorsement on your social media pages.  You can do this yourself in many cases by simply posting your own content about the group or a link to the group’s website, but you can also generate more interest by having the group link back to you, mention you on its website or otherwise give you a “counter endorsement.”

You may also want to think about a mini-marketing campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+ for a specific event such as a fundraiser.  You can take photos and post them, blog on the event or even offer an “interview” with a corporate partner.

If you really want to get the most out of your sponsorships, volunteer for live interaction with potential supporters such as a webinar or “chat.”  By volunteering your time in this way, you not only engage potential clients remotely but may stir up a great deal of interest from your live interactions with them.