Marketing Best Practices for 2015

If you are looking for a way to improve your company’s marketing techniques and bring them into line with 2015 standards and best practices, here are a few tips you should know about today’s marketing landscape and how to take full advantage of these opportunities:

  • Market a specific product to a specific audience. If you do not understand what your product is or who you are selling it to, it is unlikely that your audience will, either. Take some time and narrow your focus to who is buying your product and to whom you should be marketing it.
  • Keep marketing integrated. Rather than dividing traditional and online marketing, keep your entire marketing program integrated. One unified message and brand should predominate over all of your marketing efforts, no matter where they occur. This will also help you to share marketing strategies across platforms such as social media, print media and online advertising.
  • Be sure you are using the right marketing strategy for the type of information you have. Is your information better disseminated as a blog post, a social media post or a press release? Sometimes information is best served by one form of communication over another.
  • Keep your metrics in sight. It is easy to lose sight of your ultimate goal when you are bogged down in the minutiae of individual advertisements or posts, but remember where you are going. You should always keep your long-sight goals ahead of you for reference. In every interaction, ask yourself how this type of communication will move you toward your goals.
  • Use analytics freely. Remember to take a reading on your metrics at frequent intervals. You should also spread your metrics across a number of different types of statistics so that you do not become too focused on any one reading. Look at each individual analysis as well as the “big picture” to get a much clearer view of your marketing results.

Marketing is a complex task, so do not try to handle everything yourself. If you need help, ask for it. At the very least, try to have someone on your team who can look over your marketing efforts and give you a different viewpoint. You will find that having someone who can help you with marketing will ultimately result in better sales and profits for your company, no matter what platforms or strategies you use.