Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Offers Enhanced Mobile Browser Experience

The Internet has been used widely by the public for more than 15 years now, and during that time most people fell in love with a certain look, a certain style and a certain way of doing things with regards to navigating through on-screen options and handling basic tasks. When new operating systems are released, many of us tend to try that new look for a period of time before deciding to stick with it or finding a way to switch back to the interface that we like and that makes us the most productive.

The people who provide you with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 make it a point to understand the users of this powerful tool. That’s why they have made sure to provide people with every option available with regards to an interface so that those users can remain as productive as possible. When it came time for Microsoft SharePoint to be available on mobile browsers, those interfaces were available in full-screen and in classic view.

The latest version of Microsoft SharePoint will now provide users with an opportunity to use a contemporary view so that they have the ability to make as many choices as possible with regards to how they work. The contemporary view in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 provides many new features designed to help users move around and get their work done efficiently.

One such feature allows a user to switch to what is known as a PC View. This view will allow users to see the information with which they are working in a full desktop view. For those who are used to working in this environment, getting into the capabilities of SharePoint will seem no different than if they were sitting in their office.

Users of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 will also be able to create new list items in the contemporary view, and they will also be able to edit them quickly and easily. This capability will allow users to work as though they are directly connected with the server and the network of documents and information, which has always been one of the biggest advantages of this environment.

Finally, the Menu button on the new contemporary view will allow users to view the site content and all of its libraries, to sign out from SharePoint so that the information that was accessed is no longer available to anyone who may happen to use that mobile device and to close the command button menu and return to the SharePoint site.

The team that brings you new versions of Microsoft SharePoint understands that we are becoming an increasingly mobile world. That doesn’t mean that we have to limit our choices because our screens may be a bit smaller. You deserve to work in a way that makes you comfortable and productive. If you are ready to learn more about what this powerful tool can do for you and your business, contact the professionals at Caldiatech today.