PPC Data You Need to Pay Attention To

In a previous blog, we talked about Pay-Per-Click marketing, and the tremendous ways it can help build your business. In this article, we’ll dig a bit deeper to bring you some of the data you’ll want to pay attention to while carrying out a PPC campaign.

PPC Marketing Redux

Just to refresh our memories, during a PPC marketing campaign, you pay only for each time your ad is clicked in a search engine phrase. To do this, you simply put a bid on ad placement that is based upon a keyword phrase.

Data to Pay Attention To in PPC

  • Click Through Rater (CTR)
    No matter how slick you think your ad is, the data may say otherwise. Higher CTRs are a good indicator that your ad is doing its job and is resonating with your targeted audience.
  • Bounce Rate
    Simply put, this is the number of people who clicked on your ad but navigated away from your site after looking at just one page. A high bounce rate may mean that your ad is far too broad or that your landing page isn’t relevant.
  • Cost per Conversion

This tells you how much it costs for a customer to make a specific action while on your site. This can be anything from the customer buying a product, calling the office or any other type of action on the site you’d like for the customer  to make.

If your cost per conversions are going up, you may need to look into your keywords and other aspects of the overall campaign for tweaking.

  • Conversion Rate by Device

It’s always good to know what device your customers are using to navigate your    site so that you can continually provide updates to always provide a good online           experience for the customer.

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