Rebranding? Do it The Right Way to Protect Your SEO

If you’re about to embark upon a rebranding campaign for your business, there’re several things you need to keep in mind concerning SEO (search engine optimization).

As long as you do a bit of research, this is not as intimidating as it may sound.

  1. Keep your domain name.

If possible, keeping your domain name will go a long way in keeping the rebranding campaign as simple as possible. If you change the domain name, you run the risk of losing a lot of your search engine traffic.

If you do have to change the domain name, you would be wise in leaving preserving your old site up for some time with redirect links to the new site.

  1. Make sure redirects are used correctly.

Every page from your old site should be redirected correctly to the corresponding page on the new site so that the user’s experience is optimized.

It’s easiest to do this if your new website pages and URL structure remain the same.

  1. Shout out your new brand!

All of your social media sites should be updated with your rebranded material. You should also get the word out via press releases, email announcements and all other forms of marketing and correspondence.

Rebranding? Call The Experts at Caldiatech

We’re not exaggerating when we say that anything can be left to chance when you’re rebranding your business. Over the past 20 years, we’ve designed and created over 1,000 internet sites for a host of businesses in a variety of industries.

In other words, we know what we’re doing.

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