How to Select the Right Consultant

The early days of the Internet were a mixed bag for businesses finding their way on the then new medium. All too often, negative experiences resulted from Internet consultants who seemed to be finding their way as well.

Thankfully, the combination of time and natural forces combined to weed out the pretenders from the contenders.

Because we’re among the few Internet consultant businesses that have not only survived those early days but have also built a track record of success in helping others find success, we’re happy to provide these tips for finding the right match for your business.

How to Choose the Right Internet Consultant for Your Business

  • Know Who They Are
    Remember, you don’t have to go with a big name provider. However, you do want a professional who knows what they’re doing.

In other words, avoid family members, friends of friends, etc.

  • Check Out Their Own Site
    Don’t worry about whether or not you agree with the layout and colors. Rather, focus on the functionality. It should also be fresh in design, optimized (it works well on various devices) and fulfills its intended purpose.
  • Business is Business: Ask For a Portfolio & References
    Never take their word as a guarantee of what they’ll do: ask for references of previous work. Most consultants worth their salt will have a page on their site dedicated to projects they’ve completed.
  • Ask Them “What Type of Elements Will My Site Include?”
    This is a good question that can only be answered with other questions. For example, they should in turn ask questions like “Will you need a payment processing application?” or “What type of options do you think will be necessary?”
  • Ask About Options
    Aside from basic services of design and development, you should also ask about their marketing strategies, SEO approach, social media strategy, etc.
  • How Will Your Site be Built?
    Ask if they plan to use templates or will the site be built from scratch. If they’re opting for templates, know that the cost should be significantly less costly than building it from scratch.

Call Caldiatech to Learn More About Internet Consultants

Overall, moving onto the Internet for the first time or attempting to advance an existing online growth effort can involve many things that are unfamiliar.  The Internet consultants at Caldiatech understand this notion and can help you overcome concerns by way of tangible results.

Clear communication, step-by-step progression, and flexibility are our hallmarks for building a successful web presence.

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