SEO Industry Changes

What has happened to the SEO industry in the past few years?  It is easier to say what has not happened:  it has not remained static.  The changes in SEO strategy have been so fundamental and far-reaching that it is safe to say that SEO is not the same industry it was ten years ago.

In previous years, it was all about the links:  how many you had, where they came from or pointed to and how many users you could get them in front of.  Today, links are still important but for a different reason: the sources of your links, both internal and external, can get you bumped up to page one of Google or banished to the hinterlands where no one will ever hear from you again.

Focus on Integrated Marketing Strategies

It is no longer enough to simply put up a website and start connecting it to anyone who will allow you to put up a link.  Your website must be dynamic and flowing, with conversations between you and other sources to draw users into your framework.

The type of integrated marketing strategy you use will depend somewhat on the type of business you have.  Service industries such as law offices use a different marketing strategy than retail stores.  While these two businesses may share some techniques such as issues regular press releases and blogging on important industry topics, the law office will probably want to focus on recent big settlements or verdicts and the implications of changes in the law.  The retail sales crew may want marketing that will focus on sale events and continually-refreshed content in keeping with seasonal buying trends.

Integrated marketing is a strategy that incorporates all types of SEO marketing into a single, unified plan.  Its purpose is to reach out to potential customers or clients through the venues they currently use and draw their attention through well-placed and meaningful interactions.  It relies on good content, good marketing strategy and being “in the right place at the right time.”  It requires a vision that provides cohesion across all marketing channels, funneling users into a single spot with a plan to keep them there once they arrive and turn them into clients or customers.

For a consistent vision in marketing strategy, it is helpful to consult an SEO expert.  These professionals understand integrated marketing and will give clients the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive Internet market.

Source:  Moz, “An Introduction to Integrated Marketing and SEO: How It Works and Why It Matters,” Stephanie Change, July 29, 2013.