SharePoint Adds Business Value

SharePoint adds value to any business, but it is important for business owners to understand the benefits they get from SharePoint in order to fully appreciate what the program can do for their companies. Here are some immediate benefits you will gain when you start using SharePoint to organize your business’s work and data.

  • Save money and time. Your employees will work more efficiently because they do not have to constantly look up information. You also save money by distributing documents virtually instead of making copies.
  • Create a virtual storage system. The documents, images and other files you create can be stored in a virtual system for as long as you want. You can send location information instantly via email or the system so that everyone can access these documents at any time. A home page listing is a great way to call attention to important documents, and this system will prevent accidental “falling through the cracks” that occurs when a user receives dozens of emails at once.
  • Real-time editing. More than one employee can work on a document at one time, making it easy for everyone to get a big job done quickly by working together.
  • Hyperlink saving. Employees can save location links on their own site so that they can instantly access the information they need at any time.
  • Team sites. Create team sites to designate workload for various members. You can set up an entire hierarchy of document sharing including multiple group listings for a single member. This helps everyone keep his or her workload straight.
  • Document collaboration. Employees can collaborate around a single document using a document workspace instead of a team workspace. This allows workers to enter and leave the space as needed.
  • Real-time meetings. Using integrated software, employees can meet in real time for all purposes and share information virtually.
  • Community sharing. SharePoint does not have to be only for work items; sharing social information about employees is a good way to keep everyone connected.
  • Make a central resource for consistently-updated information. If your resources often change, SharePoint can give you the space to make a virtual “bulletin board” with the newest copies of your manuals or other important information so that employees can access it instantly.

SharePoint is a great way to bring your workers together and make collaboration easy. Use SharePoint for all your document and information collaboration needs and see how much benefit it brings to your company.