SharePoint Analytics App Launches

The new product launch with updates for SharePoint 2013 contains an app called SharePoint Analytics. If you have not explored this app, do so immediately! It will boost your productivity and communication tremendously when you utilize it.

Located at, this app allows for simple downloads and activation straight from the Microsoft site and will integrate with SharePoint Site Collection to deliver data within an hour. This makes reporting much easier than in previous editions and increases productivity for everyone using your SharePoint system.

New Features Mean More Efficiency

The new features of SharePoint Analytics include:

  • Newsfeed Actions. Users can now capture individual level activity reports concerning social newsfeeds. This allows you to track who follows whom, who is contributing and who generates the most comments and likes. This useful tool helps you understand how members of your team are contributing.
  • Active Users by Department. You can now instantly identify individuals within a team who can share or collaborate at any given moment as well as track productivity and positive impact by team members.

Integration and Collaboration Are Keys To Success

No one operates in a vacuum, and one of the purposes of SharePoint is to enhance something that is already happening in your company: integration and collaboration. When your employees have access to each other instantly to share knowledge and data, as well as to discuss the implications of ongoing work, everything will flow more productively.

The ultimate purpose of SharePoint is to share information. Sometimes that information comes in the form of static, saved documents such as spreadsheets, word processing documents or other data. However, in today’s work environment, simply having access to stored data is not enough to do a job effectively. SharePoint creates productivity where shared data meets collaborative efforts.

Getting the Most Out Of SharePoint

Some companies using SharePoint are not getting full value because they fail to understand the implications of new updates or even existing platforms and programs. To combat this problem, SharePoint offers a number of easy-to-use resources to help employees and managers educate themselves on what SharePoint can do.

To get the most out of your SharePoint program, be sure to keep up with the latest developments and updates to your software. Every update has been designed with input from companies that use this program, so it is to your benefit to learn all you can about how SharePoint can work more effectively for your organization!