SharePoint Conference Available Online

The 2014 SharePoint Conference which was held March 3-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada, featured several important speakers as well as more than 230 breakout sessions for developers, IT professionals and others who were interested in finding out more about how SharePoint could help their businesses. Now, all of these sessions and speakers are being offered online in recorded form so that even those who did not attend the sessions can benefit from these great meetings.

All of the recording are offered through Channel 9, including the Keynote Address by Jeff Teper entitled “Connect. Reimagine. Transform.”

Building Office and SharePoint Solutions

The idea behind sharing the SharePoint Conference 2014 main keynote, three audience foundational sessions, and recorded breakouts was to help those who want to transform their businesses.

SharePoint offers a variety of ways to gain and maintain control of online environments for businesses.

The Conference, which took place at the Venetian Hotel, addressed broad themes such as management, apps, migration of files, site architecture, strategies for businesses, social collaboration and business values. Included in the breakout sessions were talks about the following Microsoft platforms and programs:

  • Search. Focusing on the power of search in infrastructure and on the web, the Search sessions helped businesses understand how much time and money can be saved by creating useful search options.
  • Yammer. Social media is not just for fun; it can also be an important part of boosting collaboration between employees and communication across a business’s infrastructure.
  • Office 365. Office Suite is the flagship program of Microsoft and continues to be one of the most popular software programs on earth. The new additions to this suite of programs in the form of Office 365 were discussed in several sessions, along with tips and tricks to make Office work better and more productively for almost any company.
  • OneDrive for Business. This smart storage solution integrates with other programs, including SharePoint, to offer seamless document and program storage and access across multiple platforms.

A strong focus of the sessions was building apps that allow businesses to create individualized solutions to common issues. When businesses have the power to create their own solutions, those programs and apps tend to be far more useful to them than anything created by another company.

SharePoint continues to bring solutions to businesses as they learn, through events like this Conference, to use the programs incorporated in this software to their advantage.