SharePoint Does Five Things Very Well

SharePoint, the collaboration software from Microsoft, can be used to perform thousands of everyday tasks across the entire spectrum of your organization. However, SharePoint is really designed to do five particular types of tasks very effectively: share, organize, discover, build and manage. Within each of these categories, SharePoint offers the capability to perform many different tasks.


SharePoint’s first name is “share” and this is the foundation of what the program has to offer. In fact, every aspect of this program is based on sharing. The program literally allows companies to reinvent the way they share information and work across a wide spectrum by bringing everyone instantly onboard with real-time collaboration and information sharing.


Along with sharing information, SharePoint also allows for the effortless organization of information. This means that everyone who is part of a team or project can instantly see what is happening at all levels and can organize their own microcosmic work load accordingly. Further, SharePoint has several workstation-, group- and company-level calendar and scheduling capabilities so that you and your employees always stay organized.


SharePoint goes beyond the normal “calendar” programs to offer its own search system. Like Bing for your business, SharePoint offers personalized search results as well as connections with experts and colleagues in your field. Find the information you are looking for quickly and easily with SharePoint, then share it with everyone in your company.


Using the programs with which you are already familiar, you can build new ways of using them to create your own websites. You can also adapt your experience based on your own needs. With SharePoint, you can combine apps, programs and software suites in ways you never thought possible. Design your own “app suite” for each of your company’s departments or individuals, if you choose.


Your IT department will love its new ability to manage your company’s entire system with SharePoint. IT can now plan and implement security features, manage program downloads and information uploads and take care of any problems immediately. IT will find that SharePoint gives them an easy way to access information and share it with all of your employees in a comprehensible format.

SharePoint can solve your company’s collaboration, storage and organization issues quickly and simply. Visit SharePoint today to find out how this program can be put to work in your organization to increase productivity and make everyone’s job just a little easier.