SharePoint Online Offers Several New Benefits for Its Users

SharePoint Online is perhaps the most powerful collaborative tool in the world, and it has now reached the point where it is ready to come out of the testing phase.  Soon, this tool will be live and available to users around the world, and people on all points of the globe will be able to access several new and innovative features that will only improve on a product that millions of people have already come to depend on during their daily professional routines.  As if it was even possible, SharePoint Online has gotten that much better with its latest version.


As is often the case with tools that come with this type of power, it can be somewhat difficult to keep track of all of the improvements and new benefits that a new version can offer to users.  SharePoint Online is no different, and a senior member of the SharePoint online management team has recognized this reality and put together a list of new features that have generated a lot of positive reaction from users during the testing phase.  Below is a list of 10 new features that users will soon discover and integrate into their collaborative efforts immediately:

  1. New user interface – Several new features will be found by users that make this tool easier to navigate.
  2. SkyDrive Pro – Cloud storage for employees is now a core part of SharePoint Online.
  3. Yammer – This powerful social media tool will bring different news feeds to one location.
  4. Guest links – You no longer need to be someone who’s inside the company to share information.
  5. New and improved Public Web site – You will now have tools available to customize your pages.
  6. eDiscovery – You will now be able to access content from across Web sites, document libraries, mailboxes and discussions and keep them in one location.
  7. Site mailbox – SharePoint Online has teamed up with Exchange Online to provide a project-based Inbox that will help you organize your communications.
  8. Enterprise search – An on-hover display allows you to inspect an item before clicking through on it fully.
  9. Cloud app model (CAM) – This new feature will allow users to build apps for SharePoint using a familiar set of features.
  10. PowerShell for SPO – Administrators will now be able to handle several functions at once.

Of course, the descriptions of the features mentioned above are merely synopses of all that each of them can provide to a user, to a team or to a company as a whole.  Implementing and managing SharePoint Online is something that does require a level of expertise so that the rollout can move forward as smoothly as possible and so that you can put all that this tool has to offer to work as quickly as possible.

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