SharePoint Drives Social Communication

Microsoft SharePoint is not only a program that offers convenient document storage in a cloud base. This incredible program also offers one of the newest and most interesting forms of communication available for a data sharing program: social communication.

What Does Social Communication Mean?

In the past, workers communicated by email or other methods that involved putting information into written form and sending it to someone else. They might share documents, images or other data by email but they would have to wait until the recipient read the email and responded. The original sender might respond by email to the reply, and on and on for days, weeks or months!

Social communication, as used in SharePoint, actually changes this dynamic. Users are now able to communicate instantly, upload documents and data on the fly and collaborate on important work. This ability can cut the time spent on a project significantly and can encourage better communication between those who work on the project.

Social communication, therefore, is different from traditional forms of communication in business. It offers the opportunity for people who have not met or are not physically in the same location to collaborate as if they were sitting side-by-side. It is like a virtual conference room that is open at all times and contains all the resources needed for everyone in the group to work together.

What Social Communicate Features Does SharePoint Offer?

There are several popular social communication platforms available to users, but SharePoint offers some unique features. For example, SharePoint gives users the ability to collaborate on video content as well as audio and written documentation. This allows users to pull in wide variety of media into any collaboration meeting and use it with ease.

Another feature of SharePoint that users enjoy is the fact that the program offers incredibly fast and useful search capabilities. No matter how large the group’s database or how widely spread information may be, it is easy to capture it using intuitive search techniques. In fact, SharePoint’s search features are some of the best in the industry and are modeled on the very latest algorithmic updates used by search engines.

SharePoint can offer users many benefits, including the ability to socially collaborate on any project. With SharePoint, users are ready to work together at any time and from any location with easy-to-use features that encourage social interaction and sharing.