SharePoint Users Have New Choices in Communication

When it comes to communication, SharePoint has great ways to help businesses at both the institutional and the individual level. From Yammer to cross-platform communication for both small and large groups, SharePoint makes it easy for your employees and managers to quickly and effectively get information to the people who need it.

In 2014, Microsoft’s First Release Program unveiled several new features and products that work in connection with SharePoint to improve communication across your organization. Each of these new releases combines technology and features for complete solutions that work with all Microsoft tools. Here are a few examples:

  • This pro-active app was originally launched as “Oslo” at the 2014 SharePoint Conference. It combines powerful search and graphing features that map elements across groups so that it intuitively understands who needs to see certain information.
  • This feature pulls together components from several different products. It was launched in in the fall of 2014 and helps users create their own groups to share email, documents and other data. Groups transitions across multiple media to reach everyone instantly with a variety of programs.
  • Office 365 Video. This video program combines the high-tech features of Azure Media with the ease and accessibility of SharePoint to create the perfect video solutions for every need, whether it is internal training or sharing information or the broader aspects of standalone sales videos and other forms of visual communication.

How Can I Utilize SharePoint to Communicate With My Employees?

SharePoint is built around the concept of communication, so every aspect of the program in some way enables your team to share information more effectively. As you examine the latest SharePoint improvements, keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to ease communication between team members and the rest of the organization. To this end, every new feature should be examined for the possibilities it holds for better overall group communication.

Begin by looking at the vast array of apps and programs contained within SharePoint. Define the ones that mean something to your company. Do you need better instant communication between team members or better communication between departments? Yammer may be your solution. What about communication between you and the outside world? A new video library might give life to your website.

No matter what you choose to do, SharePoint can provide you with the programs and resources to make it happen.