SharePoint’s Great Features

We can hardly say enough about SharePoint because every time we talk about one great feature, two more seem to pop up! Here are some great features of SharePoint that you may not realize you can incorporate into your own business management.

1)      Content management. The content management or WCM features of SharePoint are built for mobile devices and the Internet. This supports the tools and workflow that many designers are using these days to allow instant access from anywhere. SharePoint now allows cross-site publishing, video embedding, clean URLs, content translations and even SEO features.

2)      Social features. SharePoint is all about community, and now the program offers more robust metadata and easier-to-find content by linking people, teams and activities. Users can now follow documents as well as people, along with sites, tags and activities. My Sites has been improved as well as the activity streams feature.

3)      Office. Let’s face it; without word processing, database management, document publication and presentation features, there would not be much point in having software in many offices. The entire Office Suite is now easily integrated in a web-based format with SharePoint, making it easy to do both online and offline editing, create entire desktop aggregated views and promote interaction between collaborators.

4)      Search. Search features are another area in which SharePoint leads the pack with FAST integration, hover panels, search by metadata, search result customization and improved analytics. Managing user permissions has also become easier.

5)      Online and On-Premises. The entire SharePoint system is close to parity between online and on-premises versions. While the two may seem to be separate entities, it will not be long before it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the various versions. Robust integration between platform and cloud is driving the two versions ever closer to each other, although you can still choose between cloud-based and site-based applications.

Productivity is King

The ultimate goal of any business software program is productivity, and SharePoint delivers that. Once businesses see the many advantages of using SharePoint and the employees buy in to its ease of use, productivity usually goes up quickly. This makes SharePoint a great investment for almost any business.

With SharePoint, users can enjoy increased interaction and productivity without sacrificing the easy-to-use platforms with which they are already familiar. Check out the new features of SharePoint today, and be prepared to be impressed!