Choosing the Right Shopping Cart for Your E-Commerce Site

Drawing customers to your business site is one thing. Getting them to check out with a completed purchase order is the overall goal. That’s why choosing the right shopping cart is so important.

From providing online transaction management and saving customer information for repeat business, shopping carts play a crucial role in making your customers’ experiences are smooth and hassle-free.

Hosted Shopping Carts vs Open Source

While hosted shopping carts come with lots of benefits, particularly if you’re unsure about the technology, they can also come with hefty price tags and will most likely skim off the top of your profits by taking a percentage fee on all transactions.

Open source shopping carts are free-to-download, install and customize for your business. And while they generally come with pre-built templates, you’ll have to purchase the premium themes and any additional modules. Also, open source shopping carts do not come with official tech support.

Things Your Shopping Cart Should Include

Here are some features that your shopping cart absolutely should have.

  1. A single page for quicker checkout.
    If your customer is ready to buy but has to go through multiple pages in attempts to complete the purchase, you may lose them. Instead, trim the process down to a single page checkout form with as few fields as possible.
  2. No registration requirements.
    Forcing your customers to register slows the buying process down tremendously. Besides, many people are a bit leery of providing personal information to a vendor’s site.
  3. Make sure to include the SKU.
    If the customer later calls about the purchased product or needs to arrange for a return, the SKU number will be critical to finding the product quickly.
  4. Promote your promotional codes.
    If you provide deals and coupons, you need to make sure your online customers know about it. You should also make it easy to apply any discounts or deals to the purchase the customer is completing.

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