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Last year, for the first time ever, the number of mobile-only adult Internet users topped the number of desktop-only Internet users. The importance of the smartphone and tablet cannot be ignored. In this issue, we’ll talk about ways you can make sure your business is ready to handle the continuing growing influx of mobile customers.

mobile app search

Mobile search is here to stay. If you are not currently harnessing the power of mobile app searches, it is time to start! Creating a mobile-friendly website is a good first step, but you also need apps if you are really going to tap into the mobile market, no matter what it is that you
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According to the latest research on what consumers are looking for on the web, product searches have been taken over by fitness, mobile devices and gaming consoles.  This leads experts to believe that this holiday season will see a run on these types of items to be given as gifts.  These findings also have implications
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