Tips for Selecting the Right Cloud Vendor

We’ve written several blogs lately about the advantages of cloud computing for businesses. In this entry, we’ll offer a bit of advice on how to select the right cloud service partner for you and your business.

How Many Businesses Are Actually Using Cloud

A recent survey tells us that about 72% of organizations in the U.S. have at least one of their applications hosted in the cloud. Other key findings from the survey indicate:

  • Determination on which portions of business computing infrastructure should be migrated to the cloud are based largely upon sensitivity of data and its importance to the business
  • Security and support are the primary concerns when it comes to selecting the right vendor for cloud service
  • The driving forces of investing in cloud computing are lower costs of equipment, ability to maintain business continuity and the speed of the actual deployment

Selecting the Right Service Partner for Your Business Cloud Computing

Rather than simply surfing the web and blindly selecting a provider based upon slick marketing messages, here’s a bit of advice that will help you be a bit more proactive in finding the right fit.

  • Insist upon transparency.
    Your provider should be clear about their approach to compliance and security at every level of their service. Of course, no vendor is perfect, but they should be open with you in terms of how they deal with risks, monitoring, communication, etc.
  • Select a vendor committed to staying current.
    Having the abilities to stay abreast of industry trends and have your best interests in mind for the long haul are crucial. Rather than selecting a vendor for a one-off cloud migration, it’s far better to find a partner with whom you can work for years.

Caldiatech: Your Partners in Cloud

Here at Caldiatech, clear communication and flexibility are our hallmarks. We’re huge fans of small and mid-size business as well as startups, and know that there is not cookie cutter approach to solving IT needs.

Instead, we take the time to get to know a business, its needs, its services and its goals. We then take that knowledge and tailor a custom solution for the intended best results.

We’d love to talk with you more about your business needs and how our strengths can be leveraged for your success.

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