Using InfoPath With SharePoint

Collaborating with SharePoint is easy, but sometimes the variety of programs you find that are compatible with this platform can be confusing. One such program is InfoPath, a customized XML viewer that Microsoft has stopped working on but will continue to support until 2023. However, even when InfoPath is dropped from Microsoft support, the code generated will still be usable, so it will pay to continue to use it for some time to come.

Creating Forms With InfoPath

As a good XLM viewer, one of the things that InfoPath does well is create forms. As a benefit to any company, creating your own forms stands out among the top 10 reasons to invest time in a program. Rather than spend many hours editing existing forms, possibly to find that you still do not have an idea form that works, you can create one in minutes with InfoPath. Once you have created the form, you can publish it in SharePoint so your entire organization can use it. You can also set up a series of validation and action rules to control how your forms behave when used by your employees.

Business Solutions Combining InfoPath and SharePoint

Using forms in SharePoint workflows is important, but you must also know how to combine those forms with other functions and how to pull information from forms in other applications and programs. Technical solutions are available using InfoPath as well as other programs such as Visual Studio, but it may take a bit of learning to unlock the secrets of all of these powerful programs.

Why SharePoint?

InfoPath highlights one of the best reasons to use SharePoint: versatility. The ability to take some or all of the information generated by one program, plug it into another, combine it in different ways and control access to it is paramount for any data management system. SharePoint allows you to do all of this in simple and easy ways. Not only do you gain control over your data, you also gain control over your employee access and workflow.

Adding InfoPath to this lineup is just another way that SharePoint offers you versatility. InfoPath’s support of self-made forms can revolutionize the customization of your business’s workflow, allowing you to laser in on the important issues facing your workers and get them the information they need in a timely and expedient manner, no matter what the size of your company.