Using SharePoint As An Intranet

One of the great things about SharePoint is the fact that it can be used as both a self-contained intranet or a web-based solution to storage and communication for companies. When used as an intranet, SharePoint can provide safe and effective solutions for companies of any size to allow users to store, share and communicate about data throughout the organization.

What Is An Intranet?

An intranet is any grouping of computers within a particular system that allows users to share data. An intranet can be hardwired throughout the building or even hooked up wirelessly across various sites. However, the defining factor that separates an intranet from other types of systems is that information is not available outside of the company’s network. Users can only access this information by logging in via an approved portal. This allows companies to keep information away from the public and protect data that may be sensitive or valuable.

Of course, there are other solutions for companies, such as cloud-based computing, that may make more sense if users are scattered over a wide area. However, many companies still prefer intranet communications for reasons of security, even though cloud-based systems can also be made very secure.

How Does a SharePoint Intranet Work For My Company?

SharePoint offers two types of systems: intranet based and cloud-based. For companies that choose the intranet version, there are certain limitations that are not available as they are to cloud-based users. However, there are also benefits to setting up an intranet, and every company must make this decisions based on its own needs.

One benefit of setting up an intranet is that it is easier to limit the number of links and other information to which users have access. If you want to set up a system where users are allowed to access a pre-determined number or type of links, an intranet may be your best solution.

SharePoint offers customization for intranet systems that allows you to create any type of system you want. In fact, there is really no way to number the combinations of communication data you can create with SharePoint! Customization allows you to set up communication channels, databases and other factors that streamline everyone’s job and to limit access to only the information your employees need.

Check out SharePoint for custom intranet solutions and learn how simple it can be to create the work systems you want.