Web Design Approaches That Have Grown Beyond Trend Status

In a recent business2community article, editors shared web designs that have outgrown their “trend” status and appear to be around for the long haul. We’ll share a few of those here.

The Hamburger Menu

If you use a smartphone, you’ve seen a hamburger menu. It’s that little icon that gives you access to a menu. Now, many businesses are adding the hamburger menu to their desktop sites as well.

While it’s been considered a “best practice” to keep the main navigation to five options for fear of overwhelming the user, the hamburger menu lets you move beyond this rule. That’s because with a hamburger, the menu stays relatively hidden until the user consciously decides to use it.

The Long Scroll

Thanks to the popularity of mobile apps like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, we’re all pretty much accustomed to scrolling.

Now, some businesses are bringing the long scroll to their homepage. This frees them up to tell more of their business’s whole story without being limited to the first 600 or so pixels.

Long homepages bring with them an abundance of versatility, especially with the use of whitespace, and its “less is more” visual concept.

Going Minimalist with Flat Design

Essentially, flat design emphasizes simple elements, typography and flat colors. For designers, flat design proves for much versatility since the coding is more streamlined and efficient.

Flat designs also lead to less load times. Think of Google; it’s the epitome of a flat design.

Hero Images

The large banner you see in a prominent place on a website is called a hero image. Its purpose is to give the user a general overview of your site’s most important content.

Hero images do not have to be limited to photographs. In fact, illustration is becoming more and more relevant.

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