Why a Website is Essential for Today’s Law Firms

A survey carried out by The American Bar Association revealed that nearly 40% of solo practitioners do not have an attorney website. In this article, we’ll talk about why such sites are essential for attorneys.

Reasons Why Law Firms Needs Websites

  1. It’s just the how information works these days.

There’s now getting around it, the Internet is the key to marketing. In fact, numbers from The Pew Internet & American Life Project tells us that:

  • 92% of online adults use search engines for information
  • Nearly 60% of them use the web for information on local businesses

The key takeaway is that if you want potential clients in your community to find you, you’re going to need an online presence.

Of the potential clients who are now accustomed to using social media, tablets, online shopping, streaming music, etc., using the services of a law firm that does not have a website would be unthinkable.

  1. A website will be the cornerstone of your marketing.

While a law firm may receive a lot of its business via word of mouth and referrals, a continually updated website will – or should be – the cornerstone of your overall marketing strategies.

Besides being a centralized hub for information about all of your services, the website and social media efforts can prove to be an invaluable avenue for you to interact and communicate directly with potential clients.

  1. Chances are better than average that your competitors already have one.

If other firms in your area are already available to potential clients 24/7/365, doesn’t it make sense that you should be there as well?

If their sites, which are generally inexpensive to build, are designed well and are user friendly, they’ve already established a baseline of credibility for themselves – which is a must for many of today’s customers.

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