What To Do About “Not Secure” Warning in Chrome

With its latest update to Chrome, Google is calling out sites that have unencrypted connections. For sites using the HTTP protocol, a “Not Secure” warning will appear in the pages address bar. For potential customers, seeing the Not Secure notice can quickly lead to a lack of confidence that their information will be safeguarded. And that’s not good for business.

In this issue, the business technology experts with Caldiatech will explain the difference between HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and why it’s vitally important for the growth of your business.

What does the Not Secure warning mean?

Essentially, Google is making good on a promise it made in 2014 when it announced that the security of a site would play a key role in a site’s ranking. The Not Secure warning is essentially telling visitors to your site that information transmitted through the site is unprotected, and vulnerable to bad actors.

The warning doesn’t necessarily mean that the site has been affected by malware or other nefarious means, it simply indicates that the site is vulnerable.

How do I make my site secure?

The key to making your site more secure and providing your potential customers with a sense of trust is switching from an HTTP protocol to one that is HTTPS.

Standing for “hypertext transfer protocol,” HTTP merely refers to a system of communication between two platforms. Overall, it’s a decent system, but it does not encrypt data (name, credit card information, etc.) that are passed from computer to website.

The “S” in HTTPS, however, stands for “secure,” and in this case, one word or letter can make a huge difference.

HTTPS adds a level of encrypted protection between a person’s computer, cellphone or tablet and a web browser.

Is it worth switching from HTTP to HTTPS?

Absolutely. Beyond building a level of trust and credibility with your customers, switching to HTTPS can help to improve your site rankings, making it more likely that your site will show up high on search results; significantly reduce the chances of your site being hacked; and protect your data.

Ready to switch to HTTPS? Caldiatech can help you!

It makes good business sense to leverage the expertise of professionals who have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends, and that includes the security of your business.

Here at Caldiatech, we’ll work with you to ensure your site is secure and optimized your site to make sure that it’s properly positioning you for success.

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