Wondering About Your SharePoint Security Status?

Caldiatech(tm) Can Help

Microsoft SharePoint has taken the business world by storm in recent years because of its seemingly unlimited capabilities with regards to file sharing, communication and basically bringing people together into one working environment who may in reality be in several different physical locations around the world.  SharePoint increases productivity and helps teams simply get things done the right way and in a way that helps drive down costs that would otherwise be incurred by telephone time, video conferencing time or even travel time.  In short, SharePoint is becoming as much a part of everyday business as pens and desks.

Given the prevalence of SharePoint, IT directors and departments have been busy with companies all over the world in implementing and managing this program.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Microsoft-certified-partner.gifThat’s because SharePoint programming can be scaled to meet almost any level of needs, and that scalability has made it ideal for businesses that are quite small as well as those that are enormous in size.  SharePoint is also a working environment that is extremely user-friendly and one that will not involve much of a learning curve.  This ease of use only adds to the overall utility of this product.

However, there is one problem that seems to be emerging with regards to SharePoint and its users.  That problem involves security.  SharePoint is as secure as anything one can find in the technology world, but the companies that use it need to be able to set clear and firm security policies so that the thousands of users who access the server are not leaving themselves, their team and perhaps the entire company vulnerable to security breaches.

Emedia recently released the results of a survey regarding SharePoint security to Infosecurity Magazine, and the results of that survey were quite surprising if not troubling.  The study reviewed the use of SharePoint by companies ranging from 25 to over 5,000 PC users.  More than half of those companies were already using SharePoint and the remaining companies were planning to adopt it soon.  However, the study found that of those companies that were already using it, two thirds of them admitted to having ‘no active security policy’ in place for this application.

This means that there are many companies out there where a high number of people are using SharePoint every day for many different reasons.  SharePoint is the lifeblood of many organizations where the sharing of data is important.  If the wrong person got into one server and was able to access sensitive information, it could lead to an enormous number of problems for that company that needs to protect that data.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can be implemented quickly.  IT Directors simply need to establish protocols for security and implement them properly and thoroughly.  The team of technology professionals at Caldiatech(tm) has been helping companies implement and manage its use of SharePoint since it was released, so they can help you make sure that you’re protected.  Contact Caldiatech(tm) today to obtain the peace of mind you need.