How Yammer Makes SharePoint Better

When you think of SharePoint, you may think only of management of content such as files and documents. This is understandable, because SharePoint does content management better than almost anyone else! The platform allows everyone in your company to have access to everything they need to do their work effectively and efficiently. This alone is enough to convince many companies that they want the benefits SharePoint brings.

However, there is another aspect of SharePoint that may be underutilized if you are not aware of its power. This is the social aspect of the platform known as Yammer. This chat module allows real-time interaction between everyone in your organization and even between outside consultants and experts. You can connect with anyone across the globe easily and quickly get the answers you need to make good decisions.

Intercompany Communications Made Easier

Yammer is a great way to keep information front and center for your entire organization. With a social media platform reminiscent of Facebook’s, Yammer allows your employees to post, read and share information in real time and with as many employees as they choose. Private chats allow employees to form communication groups for specific projects, and company-wide postings get information to everyone quickly in a simple format. Furthermore, the universal communication capabilities allow employees to filter their communications so that they follow only the people or topics of interest to them rather than being overwhelmed with too much information.

Extracompany Communications Also Possible

The real power of Yammer, however, lies in its ability to connect people to the experts they need to do their jobs. Your employees can ask questions and share knowledge by connecting with people through community sites. This allows your people to communicate with other people in other organizations, broadening your knowledge base immensely and allowing you to quickly find answers to employee questions. You can control this communication so that the information shared is always what you want to share, so there is no danger of proprietary information “leaking,” but you can also broaden your employee’s resources exponentially. You get the best of both worlds with Yammer.

Yammer is part of the SharePoint suite of programs that offers your company flexible communication, enjoyable interaction and access to the information they need to get their jobs done. Try SharePoint and see how much more smoothly your company runs with the software power you need!