You’ll Never Guess Why Hackers Target Small Businesses

There’s been a “sharp increase in hackers and adversaries targeting small businesses.” That’s a quote in Inc.magazine from a representative of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. Why do hackers target small businesses? Because they feel that the “little guy” probably doesn’t take cybersecurity seriously.

In this issue, the Boise technology experts with Caldiatech will talk more about what makes small businesses such attractive targets and what steps can be taken to secure their business and data.

Why are hackers targeting small businesses?

Hackers target small businesses in part because they’re betting on the business owners not seeing themselves as targets of much value. The reality, though, is quite different.

In a CNBC article, experts noted that the hacker’s goal while targeting a small business can vary. In addition to going after customer personal and credit card information, dangerous malware can be installed to use the business’s computers as drone computers to take part in a larger attack.

Other reasons to target small business computer systems is to seek security lapses that will give hackers the ability to attack their larger partner vendors.  Also, data can be seized from the business owner and used for ransom.

How can I protect my small business from being hacked?

There are is quite proactive – yet, very easy – steps you can take to protect your business from hackers.

For starters, leverage the expertise of a technology expert who can audit your current setup, and identify – and secure – potential weak points of entry for hackers. Your expert should also be able to install effective firewalls, encrypt your data, and provide you with security software that is continuously updated.

Secondly, train your employees in best practice methods of online use while at work, and ways to identify suspicious emails, as they can contain Trojan horse attacks.

For expertise in securing your data, call Caldiatech.

The digital age is in a constant state of transition, and hackers are always on the lookout for ways to exploit security weak points.

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