The Essential Content Your Law Firm Website Needs

Your legal practice’s online platform is the gateway for prospective clients seeking information about you as a legal professional and the services you offer. To maximize its effectiveness, your website must cater to both human visitors and search engine algorithms. Here are the four essential pages to include on your law firm website: 1. Homepage … Read More

DesignRush SEO and Social Media Marketing

Caldiatech™ has been recognized among the top Boise Website Design Companies in 2021 by DesignRush Marketplace. Caldiatech™ offers more than 50 years of combined experience in the area of IT solutions.  Since the late 1990s, our company has been taking on the challenge of finding affordable results for our clients, including custom software creating, robust … Read More

The Time to Plan for Holidays Sales Is – Now!

Holiday sales are the number-one boost for most retail companies, but with the pandemic, the 2020 holiday season was uncertain and the 2021 season promises to be even more so.  While more people are shopping online, fewer people have the money to spend on lavish holiday gifts.  The upshot is that the market is tightening, … Read More

CRM Is Key To Building Strong Business

Are you aware that information is your biggest strength? What you do with the information you have can make or break your business. Knowing that your customers can provide you with insightful knowledge means that you can take advantage of this information to build strong strategies for improving your business.

Microsoft® Dynamics CRM online is a program that helps your organization gather, manage and track all the information you will ever need about leads, prospects, customer and accounts, and C3IT can help you use it effectively! This CRM gives you a complete and holistic view of your sales cycle. With the help of Microsoft® Dynamics CRM, you can:

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