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Just before we broke for the holidays, Facebook announced a new feature that would help small businesses do a better job of keeping track of their customers online. We’ll tell you how in this issue.

facebook post edit

It has happened to the best of us—a mistake on a Facebook post.  In fact, with some industries it is a regular occurrence, as information is updated day-by-day and what was posted yesterday is no longer accurate for today. Instead of simply living with the mistake or posting a “correction,” Facebook users now have the
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facebook news feed

http://www.webpronews.com/facebook-is-messing-around-with-the-news-feed-again-heres-whats-changing-2013-08 It seems we just got word that News Feed was changing in Facebook when we have been hit with yet another series of changes in the visibility of posts. Business owners who are relying on Facebook to reach potential clients are already complaining about the new format and struggling to understand the changes that
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