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In early October, Google officials confirmed they were discontinuing the consumer version of Google+. If all goes according to plan, the phase-out should be complete by August of this year. Keep in mind that the corporate version of Google+ will still be available. With the sun setting of Google+, though, is a renewed emphasis on
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You may not want to take a course in statistics, but understanding how statistics work is critical when you are trying to analyze basic performance metrics. Interpreting the results of these metrics can be problematic if you do not understand how the metrics relate to the “big picture,” and statistics is a large part of
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google algorithm changes

For those in the world of web marketing, at least for those concerned with how Google affects that field, the month of October has presented challenges to the way we find information.  Google “went dark” on providing those who own web sites with information on Google Analytics as to which search terms people are using
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