SharePoint Features FAST Search

SharePoint has many wonderful features, but one of the greatest is its incredible FAST Search, incorporated in 2008 into the platform and improved continuously through SharePoint 2013. SharePoint makes it much simpler to use powerful search features across the platform, particularly when you consider the logical setup of your site and plan to use these features as an integral part of your workflow.

Here are some tips to integrate search features into your daily routine and make your SharePoint experience more productive.

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A Look Back At The Year With SharePoint

In a recent review of a year with SharePoint, CMS Wire offered the analogy of the program being like Rocky Balboa: easy to dismiss but hard to keep down. The developments in SharePoint’s technology will keep it going strong throughout 2015 for businesses of all sizes.

For the coming year, it is important to think about the various SharePoint programs and utilities that are being developed and determine how they may be able to help your business in 2015. Here is a brief look at some of the upcoming developments or questions surrounding SharePoint in the New Year:

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Using InfoPath With SharePoint

Collaborating with SharePoint is easy, but sometimes the variety of programs you find that are compatible with this platform can be confusing. One such program is InfoPath, a customized XML viewer that Microsoft has stopped working on but will continue to support until 2023. However, even when InfoPath is dropped from Microsoft support, the code generated will still be usable, so it will pay to continue to use it for some time to come.

Creating Forms With InfoPath

As a good XLM viewer, one of the things that InfoPath does well is create forms. As a benefit to any company, creating your own forms stands out among the top 10 reasons to invest time in a program. Rather than spend many hours editing existing forms, possibly to find that you still do not have an idea form that works, you can create one in minutes with InfoPath. Once you have created the form, you can publish it in SharePoint so your entire organization can use it. You can also set up a series of validation and action rules to control how your forms behave when used by your employees.

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Collaborating via SharePoint

One of the best features of SharePoint is the program’s ability to allow users to collaborate in a variety of settings. With real-time chat, message-board capability and content sharing options, you can keep everyone in your organization on the same page.

SharePoint—Sharing Content Responsibly

One of the biggest problems that managers and owners of companies face is how to allow employees access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively without allowing them unlimited access to sensitive data. With SharePoint, those problems are solved. You can allow your employees to access content responsibly without the danger of them seeing proprietary or sensitive information that they may not be authorized to see.

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How Yammer Makes SharePoint Better

When you think of SharePoint, you may think only of management of content such as files and documents. This is understandable, because SharePoint does content management better than almost anyone else! The platform allows everyone in your company to have access to everything they need to do their work effectively and efficiently. This alone is enough to convince many companies that they want the benefits SharePoint brings.

However, there is another aspect of SharePoint that may be underutilized if you are not aware of its power. This is the social aspect of the platform known as Yammer. This chat module allows real-time interaction between everyone in your organization and even between outside consultants and experts. You can connect with anyone across the globe easily and quickly get the answers you need to make good decisions.

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How Does OneDrive for Business Work?

Part of SharePoint’s platform is the powerful OneDrive for Business. OneDrive offers users a complete system for storing, syncing and finding files easily from anywhere in the world, as well as providing collaborative workspace for users.

What Does OneDrive Do?

OneDrive allows you to do several things that make work much easier for you and your employees, including:

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Integrate SharePoint and OneNote for Better Performance

When you host your OneNote notebooks on your SharePoint document library, you gain two important advantages: the ability to arrange and organize the notebooks in one location and the flexibility of controlling access to them.

How Can I Host My OneNote Notebooks on SharePoint?

It is usually best to give the responsibility for placing OneNote notebooks on SharePoint and controlling access to one person to avoid confusion. Once you have determined who will be responsible for this job that person can do several things with SharePoint:

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Down on the SharePoint Server Farm

You may have heard the term “farm” thrown around in connection with SharePoint or other software. What does this term mean when it is used in the context, and how can it help your business with data management?

What Is a Server Farm?

A “farm” is a logical grouping of servers that share common resources and send data to multiple sites. Typically, a farm stands alone and is not connected to any outside servers, but there may be connectivity through another part of the data platform that allows users to connect to cloud-based storage, for example.

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